Fully experience

the miracle of pregnancy

and birth...

... on your terms

So much more than a series of impersonal medical events, the prenatal and birthing stages of your path to motherhood are a journey to a healthy, happy baby and an initiation

into your POWER and POTENTIAL as creator.

Welcome, mama...

It’s time to choose the path to birth that’s most supportive of your inner wisdom

From the moment you find out you're pregnant, you’re faced with a mix of emotions, a mix of changes, and a mix of choices. In nine short months, you’re tasked with filtering through an overwhelming amount of information, processing your fears and doubts, and making a plethora of choices that affect you, your relationships, and your baby’s future.

It’s enough to add up to nine months of stress.

And yet...

amongst the overwhelm, the fears, and the choices, there is magic that occurs in the

transformation from Woman to Mother.

It’s my mission to help you bring full awareness and intuition to each and every experience along the way.

Tap into your inner expertise and find your answer to a positive, empowering birth

Your spirit as a woman has all the knowledge and power you need to give birth and to nurture your baby

- Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

It starts with


The three-month program for expecting women around the world like you: who want to fully dive into your pregnancy experience, prepare for your birth, and journey to become a mother at a much deeper level -- by distilling your fears and doubts, healing past wounds, and creating a space for


Throughout 90 days of 1-to-1 mentoring and guided self-study and practice, we’ll work to connect you with your intuition, recognize and trust your true power, and create the birth and motherhood you desire.


"Kasia made me believe in myself for the first time in my life. She is full of love and passion."

Sarah N.


"We met Kasia about halfway through what had become a very stressful pregnancy. We were looking to be recentered and regain some of the agency we felt like we had lost. She became an incredible resource, mentor, and advocate for us, and really helped us navigate the pregnancy and all the decisions that needed to be made -- helping us salvage what had become a difficult time. We are really grateful to her. If someone is looking for a great support system, Kasia is an incredibly calming, balancing presence."

Christina P.


"Kasia is going to be that calming presence for you that is everything that you need in that intense time that you are going to be going through."

Inna F.

Let go of your fears. Find your peace of mind. Transform your experience.

Throughout our three months together, you’ll begin to act with confidence, conviction, and personal choice as we dive into the four pillars of the 90 Days to Overcome your Fears and Rock your Pregnancy and Birth™ program:

Knowledge and education

When you don’t know your options, you have none. Through a blend of customized 1-to-1 mentoring sessions and an always-accessible library of created and curated videos and articles, you’ll leave feeling fully informed to make the best possible decisions for you.

Discovery of your motherly intuition

Employing a unique blend of Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, ThetaHealing® and Havening, we’ll tap into the motherly intuition that already exists inside of you, strengthening it throughout your pregnancy to guide you in greater healing, greater connections, and greater calm.

Mindset reset

Through ThetaHealing®, Havening, the powers of affirmation, law of attraction, and manifestation, we’ll release your deepest fears related to pregnancy, birth, and motherhood and clear the way to feel supported, empowered, and positive in the choices you’re making for the birth you want to have and the mother you want to be.


We’ll build your birthing plan and prepare for everything in your

power...while recognizing that this is baby’s journey and choice, as well.

You’ll tap deep into your power to know that even in surrender there is

ownership, and an empowered birth fulfills the journey of healing and discovery that will guide you into a powerful motherhood. 

Each pregnancy and birth is unique,

just as each person is,

and just as each baby coming to this Earth.

- Kasia Sanvee

Birth is not one-size-fits-all. Your 90 Days program isn’t, either.

Here’s what’s inside:

:: 9 personalized coaching sessions ::

Come as you are; I’ll meet you there.

Through weekly, hour-long virtual sessions for three months (3 weeks on; 1 week off),

I’ll tap into the areas you need the most support in, and we’ll work

together to evolve from there. 

Release your fears. Answer your questions. Transform your confidence. 

The program is be tailored to what’s waking up within you!

...and, finally, we’ll celebrate. We’ll create a new habit of celebrating what’s showing up for you through

every step toward change, big or small, paving the way for even greater abundance.

"From passenger to DRIVER

From uninformed to EMPOWERED

From overwhelm to CONSCIOUS CHOICE"

- Kasia Sanvee

Together, we’ll holistically navigate your pregnancy and birth to lovingly support your transformation as a woman and a mother.

All you have to do is say YES. I’ll lead you through the rest.

Your investment in an empowered, conscious birth!

In this no-obligation, free 45-minute call, we’ll chat about what you’re currently experiencing and how I might be able to help -- and I’ll be honest if this is the right program for you.

Sarah Faith Brummet


"Kasia was 100% dedicated to us, to me, to our baby. She helped me every step of the way."

In just 90 days, you’ll experience intense transformations that allow you to...

Release and heal from your deep-rooted fears, doubts, and anxieties

Get to know all of your options throughout the birthing process in order to make the best choices for you and your baby

Bond deeply with your feminine power and intuition and gain unshakeable confidence that you’re doing the right thing

Experience the magic that occurs when you act from a place of empowerment

Feel the intense joy of having the gift to give life and nurture the body and mind that makes it possible

Create a deeper connection with your growing baby and have more ease and grace throughout your birth and entrance into motherhood

...as you align with your truth and step into your power as a giver of life.

“Kasia made me believe in myself for the first time in my life.”

Who’s leading you through this transformation?

Hello, I'm Kasia.


More than half a decade ago, I was in your shoes -- I discovered I was pregnant, did an incredible amount of research, sought out the best possible doctors in NYC... and still felt unempowered, misinformed, and looked over. The labyrinth of choices presented a challenge, and while navigating it alone wasn’t easy, I learned so much.  

Through the birth of my daughter [here on the photo with me], I, myself, was reborn. I experienced intense transformation and felt

a burning desire emerging to help mothers and mothers-to-be everywhere become the guardians of the change they’re manifesting as they bring new life into this world. 

It’s what caused me to leave a 6-figure, senior-level position in a huge investment and corporate bank and build a life practice around helping women align with their intuition and empower their choices throughout pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. 

I’m a DONA International Certified Birth Doula and The Matrona Certified Advanced Holistic Doula, and have been blessed to support women of various cultures in the U.S., West Africa, and around the world in many different birth settings and throughout a variety of


In combination with my expertise in Coaching, Kundalini Yoga and Healing Practices, I built the 90 Days program to help even more women bring full awareness and intuition to the experience of childbirth to take advantage of the positive transformations that await them. 

...And I’d love to do the same for you.

But Kasia, how do I know if I’m ready for the transformation that awaits me?

Great question. Let me start by saying this: We never feel truly ready for change. Change takes us out of our comfort zone. We actually often fear and avoid change. We must open our minds and be open to the possibility of transformation in order to allow it to work in our favor. 

That said, let’s talk about who this intimate, personalized program might not be a fit for:

Those who do not trust in the power of their intuition and are not prepared to take a leap of faith

Those who have their mind set on leaving the process of birth to the doctors and hospital staff, without exploring their options

Those who wish to let their subconscious fears drive them throughout both birth and motherhood

However, if you're...

Practical and spiritual

Strong-minded, self-directed, fierce and gentle, humble, compassionate

A bit rebel, non-conforming and rational, disciplined

And, most importantly: open to new ideas with a desire for positive transformation in your mind, body, and soul…

...then you’re absolutely in the right place. And I can’t wait to meet you.

Sandra P.


"Kasia is very knowledgeable; she knows her stuff. She really made me at easy about everything

that was going to happen throughout the delivery. I don’t think I would’ve been

able to go through a natural delivery without having her. She was crucial in

helping me out. I had the delivery of my dreams."

There’s no such thing as a silly question…

Here are a few you might have about the program so far.

Q: How do I join your 90 Days Coaching Program?

A: We’ll start with a free, no-obligation chat. Come with your questions and an openness to sharing where you’re at in

your journey; I’ll bring an honest opinion of whether or not I can help you. If 90 Days is right for you, I’ll send you the next best steps for joining and we’ll get started as soon as the time is right!

Q: Is this only for first-time moms?

A: I predominantly work with first-time mothers through my 90 Days Program but if you’ve had a not-so-optimal birthing experience in the past and are looking to do it differently this time around, this is for you, too. Not sure? Schedule your discovery call.

Q: When is a good time in pregnancy to join?

A: As soon as possible. The sooner you engage on this transformation journey, the better it is for you and your baby. There is NO "too late" though, because transformation is real and can occur at any time and any speed. If your are 1 month before your "guess date", we will use the remaining sessions after you have your baby which will be equally helpful and empowering for you.

Q: Does this really work?

A: Yes! My clients have repeatedly confirmed that after working with me they have experienced a healthier and more blissful pregnancy, peace of mind, self-confidence, clarity, fearlessness and conscious, empowering birth. See more testimonials here!

Q: Do I have to be set on a natural birth to do this?

A: While my beliefs are centered around natural birth, my main prerogative with this program is not just to prepare you for natural birth; it’s to empower you to make the choices about what’s best for you and your baby, and to trust your intuition throughout that process.

Q: I love my OB/GYN. Is this program still for me?

A: Yes! It is possible that you might go through this coaching program knowing you’ll use your OB/GYN, but you want to feel more empowered throughout that process. And keep your mind open. That's the main requirement.

Q: How many other women are in the program?

A: Because of the highly personal nature of this program, it is an individual 1:1 coaching journey with me. Your experience will be entirely your own.

 Q: I have a question that’s not answered here…

A: I’d love to answer it for you. Send me a message at anytime here, or, better yet, click the big, beautiful button below to grab a no-obligation, 45-minute chat on my calendar!

You deserve to experience the magic of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood with full awareness and intuition.

I will help you get there

every step of the way.