1:1 Coaching

Custom-tailored 1:1 coaching for women.

We all encounter challenges in our lives. The key is not to fight them. The key is to realign yourself to your highest expression of self, to find YOUR TRUTH, to release what no longer serves you, so that you can own your brilliance, step in fully into your burning life’s purpose and experience TRUE FREEDOM and JOY.

Packages range from three to six months and take place virtually.

Conscious Pregnancy Coaching

Custom-tailored 1:1 coaching for moms-to-be called ’90 Days to Empowering, Conscious Birth & Healthy, Happy Baby™’.

The three-month program for expecting women around the world like you: who want to fully dive into your pregnancy experience, prepare for your birth, and journey to become a mother at a much deeper level — by distilling your fears and doubts, healing past wounds, and creating a space for empowerment. 

Create the birth and motherhood you desire.

This 3 month package takes place virtually.


1:1 virtual or in-person sessions.

Whether you’re feeling stuck when it comes to your health, career, relationships, parenting, financial status, upcoming or past birth and postpartum experience or your general well-being, the blocks you’re experiencing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level are keeping you from connecting to — and living out — your best life. 

Let’s work together to release them and move toward what you desire…

Book one session or a Transformation package. Packages range from three to six months and take place virtually.

Coaching Circles

Coaching Circle for Moms-to-be: “Empowered Birth: Tools for mama-mastery BEFORE going into labor”

Coaching Circle for Fierce Womxn:

“Relax into being”

Coaching Circle for New Mothers:

“Motherhood Revealed”

Feel the power of women coming together, receive the support you need, get clarity on your vision, be seen and heard and find the strength within to move forward with a new aliveness within. This is a beautiful self-discovery journey with like-minded women that will inspire your own growth.

8-week virtual coaching circles for women at all stages of their womanhood.