Hi, I'm Kasia...

... Explorer of Truth and Coach to unstoppable women everywhere

My call to help women like you step into your power began at a young age... though I didn’t quite know it at the time. 

Born and raised in Poland during communism and its abolition, I had the QUEST FOR ABSOLUTE FREEDOM implanted in me as a child. While I didn’t know how that would manifest in the “real world”, I knew I wanted to be in service of others, in service of humanity, and in service of Truth in its highest form. 

As a teenager, I became interested in healing arts, psychology, and Africa. I began learning seven foreign languages with a goal of traveling the world, bringing love and support wherever needed. 

With all my dreams and heart callings, I also wanted to be pragmatic and with the goal of being free and independent, at the age of 24, I graduated with a dual degree of Master in Engineering (Poland) and Master in Business (France).

Unbeknownst to me, my intuition and deep-rooted desires were unconsciously buried as I grew from adolescent to adult.

Not uncommon once we get on this comfortable and secure ride with clear goals set by others for us to follow.

In my early postgraduate years, I wanted to achieve personal financial freedom and independence.  

I found work in Paris at a world-renown consulting company, working and traveling across Europe, Africa, and North America to finally end up as a Vice President in an Investment and Corporate Bank in New York City, complete with a 6-figure income in my late 20s. 

I am proud of myself. I know it was a marker of success. And I am happy I got to experience fast paced life in the corporate world and to become a financially independent woman in the world's greatest cities. I learned a lot. In a way, I knew I completed a cycle there.

I knew there is something deep within myself that was calling me.

It was like a little buzz. I was just not quite able to interpret it.

Then I got pregnant. 

My very analytical mind pushed to look for the absolute best doctor in the city. I visited a few, and left feeling unimportant, small, and crushed...with more questions than ever.

It was at this time that my intuition (thankfully) woke up.

I knew there had to be freedom in the birthing journey... freedom of choice, at a minimum. But I didn’t get that impression from the doctors, who treated the miraculous experience as a medical event. 

I wasn’t sick. I was growing a human being.

I knew birth had the potential to be a beautiful journey, if I could make it my own. After several months of researching options, I decided to have a homebirth assisted by a midwife and a doula. It was NOT a straightforward decision, and not one without fear. It was, however, the best decision I’ve ever made. 

It brought me back to my intuition. It gave me the freedom I craved over my mind, body, and soul. And it led me to step into my power.

With the birth of my daughter, I, too, was reborn.

And it was just the beginning.

Reconnected to my intuition and in search of the Truth, I found during both pregnancy and the beginning

stages of motherhood that I had so much healing still left to do. 

My saving grace? I discovered KUNDALINI YOGA - yoga of awareness. 

In the first year after giving birth, free of my high-stress job, I became a Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor, Khalsa Way® (based on Kundalini Yoga) and a Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor. 

The healer within me awoke...

I then started my studies in BIRTH: holistic birth doula, holistic postpartum birth doula, childbirth education, RIE® parenting philosophy, lactation counseling, and many more complimentary trainings. 

Faced with further challenges on mine and my family’s healing path, I discovered ThetaHealing® and Havening, which further transformed my life and allowed me to find freedom in an accelerated way. 

Personal coaching with my amazing coach and my own coaching training sealed it ALL allowing me to integrate the full spectrum of my life experiences, healing abilities and wisdom I acquired all along.

Through my unique combination of Coaching, Healing Techniques, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, and my deep wisdom around the perinatal period, I now support transformation and rebirth for women at all stages of life.

My Mission

To help you find and tap into your Truth to

liberate yourself from the past traumas, fears, and false constrictions keeping you

from experiencing the FREEDOM that is YOURS! 





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